THE demolition of the chimney - a landmark that has stood in place for 50 years on the old Anglesey Aluminium site - is to take place today as planned (Wednesday, March 20). 

Members of the public, who are keen to watch the demolition, are advised to do so from the public footpath parallel to Parc Cybi. Beibo fields has also been suggested as a good viewing area.

In a statement, Porthladd rhydd Ynys Môn  (Anglesey Freeport) said: "Our primary aim is to undertake this task in a safe manner with the minimum disruption to the neighbouring community.

"We would recommend to members of the public who are keen to watch the demolition to do so from the public footpath parallel to Parc Cybi – this will provide a suitable vantage point, while also being safely outside the demolition exclusion zone. Given the level of interest in the works, we strongly recommend walking to this location.

"In addition, Beibo fields would be a good viewing area but please note restrictions:

  • In order to ensure all safety protocols are adhered to – and to protect members of the public – there will be a series of road and access measures in effect between 1pm and 4pm.
  • Access to Penrhos beaches including the carpark , the grassland areas to the north of the A5, will be closed to members of the public from the morning.
  • The A5 from the roundabout by Tesco’s towards the causeway will be closed for a short period immediately prior to the detonation. As soon as practical all restrictions will be lifted.
  • The A55 will not be completely closed, but prior to demolition, the police will slow the traffic on the road in both directions, simulating a "rolling roadblock". The purpose of this is to ensure motorists are not distracted by the demolition of the chimney and are travelling at a suitably low speed. The roadblock will come into force sometime between 1pm-4pm - the window during which the chimney will be demolished. Disruption will be kept to a bare minimum as safety allows.
  • In accordance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations, there will be a one mile no fly zone around the site enforced tomorrow, to protect the demolition team as well as members of the public. On the ground, the exclusion zone around Prosperity Parc will be tightly controlled by demolition experts.

"We apologise for any minor disruption this may cause the community and would kindly ask for all members of the public to adhere to any instructions given by local authorities and the demolition team.

"Thank you for understanding and cooperation. Apologies that we can’t give a specific time but weather and third party movements such as emergency services have to be taken into account – and safety is our priority.

"Following the demolition, we shall release further details of our prize draw with the RNLI – which has now raised over £10,000."


The winner of the prize draw will press the button signalling the demolition. 

The site when the chimney stands has been remained Prosperity Parc. The land is owned by Swedish shipping line company Stena Line, one of the largest ferry operators.

The area has been designated as one of the specific customs and tax sites within the new Anglesey Freeport and represents a "prime opportunity" for new businesses looking to invest in the island.