FLIGHTS from Southampton airport to Majorca have been delayed until further notice following a deadly bomb blast on the Spanish island earlier today.

The weekly Thomson service to Palma - which was due to fly out this afternoon - has been put on hold indefinitely.

It follows a bomb attack near a police station on the island, today, in which two officers were killed and several people injured.

The blast came a day after a car-bomb blamed on Basque separatists ETA left scores injured in northern Spain.

The Civil Guard said the bomb was planted in the Palmanova beach resort area, south-west of the holiday island's capital of Palma.

Yesterday's blast injured around 60 people at a police barracks in the northern city of Burgos.

ETA has killed more than 825 people since it launched a campaign in 1968 for an independent homeland in Basque region of northern Spain.

A spokesman from Southampton Airport said: "Today's Thomson service from Southampton to Majorca has remained in Southampton as a result of today's activities, and will do so until further information becomes available.

"Passengers are being kept informed."