BANGOR City Football Club have announced that they are withdrawing from the JD Cymru North, effective immediately.

The Citizens have withdrawn their registration from the league over a lack of registered players at the club, which now places them at their lowest point of existence within the Welsh league system.

The club had previously been given a football suspension by the Football Association of Wales (FAW) and were given a week to pay debts of up to £50,000 to former players and staff members.

A club statement read: “At Bangor City Football Club, we understand that have no option but to withdraw from the JD Cymru League for the remainder of the season.

“We arrived to this decision due to the lack of registered players, which number is below the requirement to form a football team.

“Prior to the closing date of the latest registration period, we registered 13 new players who received an immediate ENTERED status, however, they were not further confirmed by the FAW.

The club were already guaranteed to have been relegated given they were not able to apply for a Tier Two Licence during their football suspension.

Having been founded in 1876, the club had become a community institution, and had comepeted in European competition, famously playing Atlético Madrid in the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1985.

Before April 2018, the club had played in the top-flight of Welsh football since its inception in 1992, yet despite a second-placed finish that season were relegated over a lack of Tier One Licence.

The club statement added: “Bangor City Football Club will return to play next season, regardless of the tier in which the FAW will allow the club to play.

“This will be possible thanks to the new players that are at the club’s disposal, the staff, fans, and volunteers, but also thanks to the new investors who will support and guide this historic through this new beginning.

“The Football Association of Wales was already informed about the club’s decision.

“We are hoping to see our loyal supporters and to welcome new faces.

“We wish that together, you and us will make Bangor City Football Club shine again.”

The club must now hope a vacancy opens up in the Ardal North leagues to take their place in the third tier otherwise they could find themselves playing at a recreational level, the same division as phoenix club Bangor 1876.