CLUBS looking for clarification on their tier status are still in limbo after the Football Association of Wales’ decision to make a formal announcement next month.

The likes of St Asaph City and others across the region have worked exceptionally hard to need the new ground criteria being implemented by the governing body in time for next season, and the FAW will finalise their reorganisation of Tier 3 at a board meeting on July 10.

This announcement came following the FAW’s decision to implement promotion and relegation from the 2019/20 campaign after remaining fixtures were curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Leaving the decision so late has hampered clubs from making improvement to their squad in the meantime, and it also casts further doubt as to when next season will begin.

There is the prospect of a delay in proceedings due to social distancing measures, although nothing has been confirmed from this standpoint in a rapidly changing situation.

An FAW statement, read: “The National Leagues Board will consider the reorganisation of Tier 3 clubs on July 10th following the Tier 3 Ground Criteria certification process.”

St Asaph and Llanrwst United are both on course to meet the new tier regulations despite flood decimating their ground earlier this year.

This represents a considerable effort from club officials and volunteers, with both set-ups receiving a wealth of community support to further aid them in their quest.