BANGOR City president Dominico Serafino has issued an apology to a former groundsman regarding unpaid wages.

The Citizens’ confirmed that the previously unresolved financial obligations towards Mike Frazer have now been settled, which was believed to be upwards of £30,000, according to sources.

Mr Serafino took over from Vaughan Sports Management earlier this year and has immediately tried to restore respectability to the set-up following a turbulent two-year stint that saw them drop from JD Cymru Premier runners-up to facing the prospect of Welsh Alliance football before their 42-point deduction was overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

This is the latest positive move from the new owner, who has ousted manager Stephen Vaughan Jr and Max Leghissa from their respective positions and installed World Cup winner Pedro Pasculli as their new boss.

He has also invited Mr Frazer back to the fold, but recognised that both he and the club must “rebuild trust”.

Mr Serafino, said: “As the new owner of the club I would like to publicly apologise to Mr Michael Frazer, the previous groundsman of the club, for his treatment during the previous 24 months.

“When I arrived at the club, I understood Mr Fraser to be a stalwart member of staff, but his position had become untenable because of the previous board’s actions.

“It brings me sadness to understand that such matters have happened, and the history of this club has been put on the line.

“We hope in the future that Mr Frazer would consider a return to the club, even in a capacity of a friend of the club. However, we understand that we must rebuild trust.

“Once again, on behalf of Bangor City Football Club, I apologise to Michael Frazer and although I was not part of the club over the 30 years that you have been at the club, I sincerely thank you for the service that you have given to the club.

“The reputation of your work speaks for itself.”