BANGOR City’s new chairman Dominico Serafino continues to make wholesale changes in a bid to revive the club’s fortunes.

In another shock move at the JD Cymru North outfit, technical director Max Leghissa has been shown the door by the owner, which represents another bold move from a set-up that is in need of significant stability following a turbulent two-year spell.

Serafino is reportedly keen to stamp his own mark on the club in order to not only return them to the JD Cymru Premier in the immediate future, but also re-immerse them within the community and sections of their beleaguered fan base.

Whilst that ship might have already sailed given the immediate success of fan-owned Bangor 1876, ridding City of some of the characters that portrayed them in a bad light can only be a good thing going forward.

With the club getting a great deal of publicity following the appointment of World Cup winner Pedro Pasculli as their new manager, it is important that they use this to good effect.

This is something that we have not seen from them in recent months, and there does appear at least to be a willingness to improve communication with supporters and the wider media in relation to their plans.

Serafino will be the mastermind and provide the finances for the immediate and possibly long-term future, and he is listening to the advice given to him by some people who are knowledgeable of the domestic game here in Wales and want the club to do well.

Regardless of 1876’s success and the tremendous support they are accumulating across the local area, Bangor City is still one of the most storied clubs in the country and needs to start acting like it on a consistent basis.

Their continental squad seem to be adjusting slowly to life in the JD Cymru North, picking up some notable league and cup wins along the way, but improvement off the pitch is arguably of greater importance at this stage given the problems that have fallen on the club in a relatively short space of time.

Some regarded Serafino as a possible front for VSM and a “yes man” coming in, speculation that has been quashed almost instantly given the moves he has made thus far.

The impending arrival of a new local technical director is another step in the right direction as there is no telling what this squad is going to look like next summer.

You cannot rely on international players alone, but anything they do now may not be enough to make certain former fans’ return as the wounds are simply too deep to heal.

That being said, if they move on from this, learn lessons and make their own way, slowly and in a stable fashion, then who is to say what will happen in the future.

There is a small light at the end of the tunnel, but there is much work to do yet.