ANGLESEY Circuit will be opening its doors to the fastest growing motor sport in the world this weekend.

More than 150 cars will descend on the track for two days of sideways action, making the Drift Matsuri the biggest event of its kind in the UK.

The drivers, who range from novices to DriftCup, British Drift Championship and Drift Master level, are invited to drive on three different track layouts so there is never a dull moment.

The hairpin is where some will test their new-found skills, and the bravest of the experienced drifters will try backwards entry into the corner.

The Touge Track is popular for multiple cars to run door to door in what are known as “drift trains” over the undulating track, while the National Track will see entry speeds into the corners in the region of 100mph.

For this year’s Saturday night-time demo, the Drift Matsuri organisers have collected together some of the best drivers in the UK including the ‘King of Riga’, Martin Richards, Monster Energy driver Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni, ‘Mr Driftworks’ Phil Morrison, and Team Japspeed driver Matt Denham in his wild RX8.

The organisers will also be monitoring the tracks during the day scouting for up and coming talent, and if a driver has a car up to specification, they will be invited to join the demonstration.

The battles begin at 6:30 p.m. under floodlights, and The Banking will be full of an expectant crowd who will judge who is the best driver on the night.