RGC and North Wales development region general manager Sion Jones has reportedly left his post.

The leading figure within the North Wales regional set-up was appointed by the Welsh Rugby Union in 2016 before the Gogs’ embarked on what has been a memorable initial spell within the Principality Premiership, but it is believed he is no longer part of the plans at Stadiwm Zip World.

Jones is a successful marketing professional who has led businesses in north and south Wales, in addition to working across Europa and the Middle East.

The news has not yet been confirmed by RGC or the sport’s governing body, with the club’s loyal fanbase no unsure over the current direction of the set-up with head coach Mark Jones also leaving his role following their final day win over Cardiff.

An email from the RGC Supporters’ Association obtained by Newsquest North Wales, read: “As with Mark there is currently no news emerging from the WRU as to his (Jones’) successor and currently speculation continues that the WRU may have taken the decision that he will not be replaced, at least not with a direct appointee.

“If this proves to be true then it will signal a move by the WRU to distance themselves from direct involvement in what they perceive to be RGC “the Welsh Premiership Club” as opposed to RGC as the wider region.

“Indeed during one of the last meetings I had with Sion before his departure there was a suggestion that there was a desire on behalf of the WRU for RGC as the Premiership Club to operate in the same way and structure as the other 11 clubs within the Premiership.

“Whilst this is fine in theory, as RGC we have a number of disadvantages that the other 11 clubs do not have (not least of which is severe restrictions with regards to revenue stream).

“Therefore the challenges involved in evolving from our current structure to a successful club structure should not be underestimated and indeed I would go so far as to say that they are not that dissimilar to the challenges that there would have been from going from our current structure to that of a pro region.

“We will continue to seek clarity on behalf of the supporters and to put our views forward at every opportunity to ensure that RGC continues to go from strength to strength.”