A DECISION regarding what tier the new phoenix football club in Bangor will be playing in will be confirmed later this month.

The Football Association of Wales will formally announce their outcome in relating to the club on June 16, which is another massive step forward for the ambitious initiative launched by some members of Bangor City’s beleaguered fan base.

There was further good news after the Bangor City Supporters’ Association were granted permission to start trading as a Supporters’ Trust, and the movement has received a considerable amount of support from the community as it looks to become another example of a supporter-led group that have taken matters in to their own hands in a positive manner.

A Bangor City Supporters’ Trust spokesman, said: “With a view to actively engaging with, and involving, the whole community, and working with partners who share its vision for a cohesive, sustainable and inclusive future for competitive football in Bangor, the association applied to the Financial Conduct Authority to become a Supporters’ Community Mutual widely known by the description Supporters’ Trust.

“With a view to ensuring the continuity of competitive football of the highest possible standard in the city, and its catchment area, the Trust is in the process of establishing a new football club which seeks to play at the highest possible level.

“An application for membership has been lodged with the Football Association of Wales and a decision is expected in mid-June.

“The Trust already enjoys widespread support in the community which has seen hundreds of individuals becoming members (and future shareholders of the Trust) in the early part of the year.”

The Trust have also confirmed that an open meeting is in the process of being arranged in relation to the official launch, where they expect “shareholders’ ranks to swell substantially over the next couple of months as football supporters and the community in general become the owners of their own football club”.

This decision comes following growing unrest regarding the ownership of Bangor City FC and their multiple off-the-field problems that have seen them plummet down the Welsh football pyramid.