LLANBERIS FC have outlined their fear for the club’s future due to the incoming ground criteria rules by the Football Association of Wales.

The new rulings by the governing body must be implemented by April 2020, and anyone not adhering to their demands faces the prospect of relegation from their respective divisions.

The rules also include a specific pitch size, with Llanberis and nearby rivals Llanrug United revealing that their ground is not wide enough to alter and conform to the new proposals.

Speaking to the BBC, Llanberis chairman Eurwyn Thomas declared their current situation as “the most worrying time in the club's 130-year history”, with their Eithin Duon base falling seven metres short of the minimum width of the new ruling.

The FAW have been the move to “raise standards” and make grounds “more comfortable and safer”, and they have committed a significant amount financially to help teams meet the new criteria.

Llanberis manager Carwyn Jones, said: "Llanberis FC has been running since 1890 and has always aimed to play at the highest standard possible.

"Perhaps these new criteria now means the club will have to take a step back because our ground is about three or four metres too short.

"As a club we are disappointed as it doesn't look at the moment as if we will satisfy the new regulations."

With a public communication system and seating for 100 people also forming part of the new criteria, these are other elements that Llanberis will not be able to accommodate due to lack of spectators on a consistent basis at the ground.

"Building a new stand for more spectators isn't something the club would ever consider, as most weeks we don't get 100 people through the gate,” added Mr Thomas.