THE search is on for the most skilful women’s rugby team in Wales.

Continuing its long-standing support of grassroots rugby, PGI Welsh Beef has teamed up with international rugby player Elinor Snowsill to highlight the key role it can play in a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Launched to coincide with the autumn internationals, ‘Fuel your passion’ will demonstrate how Welsh beef not only tastes great, but is also high in protein and nutrients for those wanting to keep fit and make gains in a healthy way.

As part of the campaign, a competition is being held that will be the ultimate test of women’s rugby players’ kicking skills, with prizes for the winning teams including £1,000 towards new rugby equipment, a kicking masterclass with Elinor herself and enough Welsh beef to feed the entire match day squad.

With 48 Welsh caps to her name, fly half Elinor Snowsill explained why she’s supporting the campaign.

She said: “As an elite rugby player, I have to take an interest in my diet and how I’m fuelling my body – key things I look out for are protein and other nutrients that help with muscle and bone strength.

“Welsh beef is such a useful food to have in the kitchen because, not only does it tick those macro-nutrient boxes, but it’s also a very versatile meat, easy to cook and tastes great.

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating chicken all the time, but it’s important to get your protein from a variety of sources.

"Welsh beef offers that variety, and also a way to support Welsh farmers and the local economy.”

Elinor is now calling on grassroots women’s rugby teams across the region to join her in spreading the word about the benefits of Welsh beef and be in with a chance of winning some of the great prizes that are on offer.

She added: “No matter if you hit the mark or have some great miss-hits... we’re encouraging everyone to get involved by sharing their kick attempts with us on social media and help raise awareness of both women’s rugby and the nutritional value of Welsh beef.

"Visit the campaign website to learn more about the campaign and how your team can get involved.”

Commenting on the campaign, dietician Dr Carrie Ruxton said: "Our bodies need the correct combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats to function well.

"Protein, in particular, is essential for growth and repair in the body and is a key building block for bones, muscles, cartilage and skin.

“Lean, red meat is a good source of dietary protein and when eaten in moderation, can form part of a healthy diet.

"It contains a number of essential B vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium.

“An advantage of grass-fed beef is that it tends to be lower in overall fat, with a slightly higher proportion of omega 3 than conventionally fed cattle.

"It also tends to be higher in vitamin E and beta-carotene which improves its overall nutrient profile.”

Rhys Llywelyn, market development manager at Hybu Cig Cymru, added: “In the same way that buying Welsh beef from your butcher or supermarket is supporting your local farmer and economy, we want to show our support for grassroots women’s rugby while also demonstrating how Welsh beef provides a range of benefits that help fuel an active lifestyle – and it tastes fantastic.”

The ‘Fuel your passion’ campaign builds on a range of ongoing initiatives by Hybu Cig Cymru linked with grassroots rugby, which has included staging the groundsman of the year awards, as well as working with Welsh rugby international Dan Lydiate on overturning misperceptions of healthy eating.