A monolith that appeared on the Isle of Wight has sold in an online auction for £810.

Bids on the mirrored pillar appear to have reached in excess of £50,000 but were later removed by the seller who stated that the proceeds of the sale would go to charity.

Designer Tom Dunford, from Fishbourne, created the sculpture which he installed on Compton Beach prompting media interest from around the world.

Monolith on the Isle of Wight
The monolith is now in a ‘sorry state’ (eBay/PA)

The eBay seller later found it in a state of disrepair and placed it on sale.

The listing on the online auction site, which attracted 53 bids, states that the seller found the monolith in a “sorry state” and offered to purchase it from National Trust staff at the site and gave them a cash donation.

The listing states: “The monolith is in a very sorry state there are cracks and chips to the glass and the timber plinth that the item sat on is missing but could easily be rebuilt.”

It continues: “Please remember this is a charity auction if you have bid and are not serious please remove your bid don’t be the one that spoils it.

“I’m working with Tom Dunford to turn this into something positive and raise money for five charities that me and Tom will choose.”

Monolith on the Isle of Wight
The monolith garnered plenty of attention (Alexia Fishwick/PA)

The National Trust has said it intended to return the donation and a spokesman said: “Our intention was to keep the beach and car park clear of debris. We do not claim ownership of the monolith and do not want a donation to confuse that.”

The Isle of Wight monolith was one of several that have appeared around the world in recent weeks following the first, which was found in Utah in the United States.

Others have been found in the UK including Throwleigh, Devon, and Glastonbury, Somerset.

The eBay seller has been approached for comment by the PA news agency.