POLICE Community Support Officers based in a town on Northern Anglesey recently held their first engagement session of the year.

Due to concerns raised by residents in Bro Trehinon, Amlwch, at the end of last year, a partnership has been established with the town's new PCSO's: Iona Beckmann and Dave Webster.

Their recent visit to the housing group enabled residents to voice their concerns about anti-social behaviour and allowed them to move closer to finding a resolution to current issues.

PCSO Beckmann said: “We really appreciate Pennaf Housing approaching us with the local’s concerns; it was a great opportunity for us to make connections in the area, as we are new to this patch."

Also in attendance at the session were Community Development Officer Louise Blackwell and Tenant Participation Officer for Anglesey County Council, Llio Rowlands.

It was agreed unanimously that the meeting was effective and sustainable, and future events would include residents from other Council neighbourhood schemes, with the purpose of preventing potential isolation and encouraging more socialisation among the elderly.

PCSO Beckmann added: “We want to thank Louise and Llio for their hospitality, allowing us to take the time to get vital safety messages across; it’s also a good example of multi-agency problem solving.”

The next meeting will be held on February 14.