It’s not a Go to Jail card – but an order has been granted against a 20-year-old woman following violence during a fall-out in an early hours game of Monopoly.

It means that Lisa Parry will not be able to contact boyfriend Darrell Jones, who lives at a separate address at Caernarfon.

A 28-day domestic violence protection order against Parry has the effect that they won’t be seeing each other over Christmas and the New Year.

A “cycle of violence had been escalating,” Det Chief Inspector Simon Williams explained, seeking the order at Llandudno.

There was particular concern with the festive season approaching.

He said drink was involved and there had been 24 incidents reported to police this year, the boyfriend was “considered to be at high risk.”

In at least one incident Parry had allegedly been in possession of a knife.

DCI Williams added: “The order is necessary to protect Darrell Jones from any further injuries and to allow support agencies to get in touch.”

The civil order was sought on behalf of North Wales Police. Parry, of Llys Buddug, Caernarfon, did not attend the hearing.