A BANGOR man has been jailed after admitting to possession of a Samurai Sword and a burglary.

Evan Richard Barry Williams (aka Barry Bully) was jailed for three years after appearing before Caernarfon Crown Court on Monday (December 18).

Williams admitted possession of a Samurai sword in Llandudno on May 23, and burglary at the Ty Golchi restaurant in Bangor on June 14.

Inspector Owain Llewellyn, at Bangor Police Station, said: "Williams is a prolific offender with an appalling history of violence, dishonestly, general disorder, the epitome of anti-social behaviour.

"His significant incarceration today will reassure many in Bangor and north Gwynedd and underline our commitment in targeting those few intent on disrupting the lives of the vast majority of law abiding citizens.

"Bangor isn’t just a safer place with him behind bars it’s a happier one too."