MEMBERS of a flood-affected community on Anglesey are campaigning for a better response from government bodies who they feel have “forgotten” about them.

November saw several parts of Llangefni left underwater after the River Cefni burst its banks, releasing a torrent to that swept through the town centre.

Ahead of an open meeting of Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on February 12, residents Tracey and Neil Bevan of Bevan Caravans and Camping Supplies, have launched a campaign to remind people of the floods and are demanding that more be done to repair the damage.

Homes were destroyed and traders lost thousands of pounds of stock and experienced delays before reopening.

“We aim to keep the flood fresh in people’s minds.” said Tracey.

“It seems that since the flood took place, both the council and Natural Resources Wales are taking too long to get the issue resolved.”

The floods had come as bad news for Clare Harp too, who had to temporarily close her Flower Shed shop just four weeks after it first opened.

“The carpets in my shop were completely ruined and had to be removed.” she said.

“I have never seen anything on such a scale before.

“Me and so many others felt as though we had nowhere to turn to, although we all did what we could to help one another.”

The Isle of Anglesey County Council opened the town’s Plas Arthur Leisure Centre as a shelter for people affected by the floods.

On Thursday, November 23, Tracey and Neil were visited by council officials, who they say admitted that a tree laying across the river bank should have been removed earlier.

“We feel that we have simply been forgotten about since the flood.” Tracey added.

“I do believe that unless something is done quickly, it will happen again.

“We have found out in the last few days that another shop on Church Street will be closing.

“The town urgently needs someone to take the reigns and bring it back to what it once was.”

NRW hit back at claims, stating they “have been working hard since day one” to develop a better understanding of the flood.

“The results of our work will be published next month in a draft flood investigation report which has been produced in conjunction with Anglesey County Council,” said NRW Flood Risk Manager Keith Ivens.

“We empathise with the people of Llangefni whose property’s were affected by flooding two months ago.

“While we can’t prevent all possible flooding from happening we will explore all the options to reduce the risks, working closely with the community.”

NRW also say they have carried out maintenance work on the River Cefni as a short-term resolution to the problem.

Rhun ap Iorwerth, AM for Ynys Môn, has agreed to open Llangefni’s Plaid Cymru office for a pre-meeting ahead of the official event on February 12.

“I have asked about flood prevention work in the Assembly.” said Mr ap Iorwerth.

“I will now be writing to the minister, as well as continuing to discuss with Natural Resources Wales and the council regarding Llangefni and the other areas who were affected by flooding.”