A couple from Anglesey are on a mission to supply interactive Welsh toys, both nationally and across the world.

Awena and Baron Walkden of Menai Bridge decided to set up a company called Si-lwli Cymru after they found that there was a real lack of Welsh toys available on the market to buy for their newborn daughter Cari Môn back in 2015. 

Awena explained: “We felt that this was such a shame as we wanted our child to be able to play in her native language and to be exposed to the Welsh language during all aspects of her daily life, especially during playtime as we are strong believers in learning through play.

“My husband, an enthusiastic Welsh learner, couldn't understand why there were so few interactive welsh toys available. He felt that having Welsh toys in the house would help normalise the language in the home.

“A few months after our daughters birth we decided it was high time we gave our daughter the wonderful gift of the first singing welsh toy in the world and so created one using sound modules from birthday cards and an old star-shaped cloth!”

After two years of long nights and hard work, as well as 15 prototypes, Awena and …. are finally ready to introduce their product “Y Seren Swynol” to the world.

The star-shaped item was specifically designed for children aged 0-3 years old and currently sings five popular Welsh nursery rhymes such as “Mi Welais Jac y Do” and “Dacw Mam yn Dwad”.

Five colourful buttons on the star will lead a child to one of the songs above.

Awena said: “Our daughter was completely mesmerised by her new welsh toy from day one and it went with her everywhere.

”We could see straight away that the toy comforted her so much more than any other interactive toy she had as it sung songs she knew in her own language. We were so pleased that we finally had a singing Welsh toy as part of our family!

“It then occurred to us that other Welsh speaking children across the world would really appreciate there own interactive Welsh toy too. We decided to look into developing the toy on a wider scale - Y Seren Swynol was born and so our story begins.”

For more information or to pre-order your Seren Swynol now visit, visit: https://www.silwlicymru.co.uk/?lang=en