HIGH above the Electric Mountain visitor centre in Llanberis, a rare ancient breed of Welsh mountain goats call the Dinorwig quarry their home.

It was a chance encounter with these magnificent creatures, that caught a photographer’s eye.

Now an exhibition, entitled The Welsh Mountain Goats of Dinorwig Quarry, is being held by Stuart Hill at the Electric Mountain from March 3 to May, 28.

The goats have become a familiar sight to walkers and climbers and it is thought the breed has roamed the Snowdonia mountain range since at least 4500BC.

Hill first encountered the goats over two years ago and the experience prompted him to start a photographic project.

Now, that has turned into a quest to try to get the animals some form of protection from being hunted.

It is still not known how many are left in the wild.

What started as a promise to local naturalist John Horrigan to try to raise awareness by bringing other photographers to the area has resulted in every weekend being spent tracking, photographing and observing the animals amid their harsh but beautiful surroundings.