A MOUNTAIN biker filmed himself riding through the Llanberis Path in Eryri.

Snowdonia Mountain Community (Cymuned Mynydd Eryri) shared a video of the ride, saying that he showed “no respect” to those walking on the path.

The rider had initially shared the video on social media himself.

Many hikers can be seen passing the mountain biker as he rides along the path.

Snowdonia Mountain Community said: “Llanberis Path, but regardless of the time of day… no respect by this biker.

“This mountain biker obviously don't give a rats’ (sic) about hikers.”

Comments left on Snowdonia Mountain Community’s post included: “That's really dangerous for you and other people, inconsiderate don't even cover it”.

Another added: “He is travelling way too fast. Anyone can see that. If he hits someone then it could be a serious injury. Go to a mountain bike specific track.”