A MAN from Anglesey said he was issued with a fine he feels he has “no way out of” paying, despite claiming he legitimately parked at the Caernarfon car park in question.

Ian Hughes, 33, said he used the Mill Lane car park on Wednesday, May 15, having encountered no issues at the premises on his three previous visits.

But while he said he was issued with a ticket for one hour’s parking, for which he paid 80p, Mr Hughes said he has since been handed a £100 penalty charge notice (PCN).

This, he believes, is due to a “faulty” machine at the car park, which is operated by Initial Parking, but despite this, Mr Hughes has since lost an appeal against the PCN.


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He said: “The machine was faulty and buffering. It took me some time to get my details in, but it eventually scanned my card and I was issued with an 80p ticket, for one hour.

“But, for some reason, I then received a £100 PCN invoice in the post. I appealed, but they still demand payment. I strongly want members of public to be aware of this car park.

“The problem is that it’s an unmanned car park with only one machine in the whole area. If there’s an issue, you can’t get hold of anybody.

“It took me a good five minutes just to enter my registration because of the problems with it.

“They are saying I didn’t pay at all, but I’ve got proof that I did pay on my bank statement. I showed them that in my appeal, but my appeal was still rejected.”

Mr Hughes said he wanted to make people aware of his ordeal so that others can “make their own decision” on whether “they want to potentially go through what I’ve gone through”.

Though he said he will pay the PCN, for fear of court action otherwise, he said that he does not want this “to happen to other people”.

He also raised concerns about a “defective” sign at the car park, which he described as being “razor sharp and at knee height”.

In a email from Initial Parking to Mr Hughes, dated May 24 and shown to the Chronicle, the company wrote: “As you have already appealed this PCN, we can confirm we have fully investigated and made the decision to uphold the charge.

“As we have fulfilled our obligation to take into consideration your first appeal and still uphold the charge, we will not look into any further appeals.”

Initial Parking was approached for comment.