A HOTEL based in Gwynedd was the venue of yesterday’s (April 23) episode of Channel 4’s “Four in a Bed” programme.

The Queens Hotel in Harlech is competing on the show against Rosaire Guest House in Llandudno, The Mill at Glynhir in Llandybie, and Hideaway Escapes in Pembrokeshire.

Owners Rachel and Liam Madigan hosted their fellow competitors in last night’s episode, with two of the three other groups saying they would stay again.


Llandudno guest house hosts new episode of Channel 4’s Four in a Bed

The hotel, which comprises four rooms costing guests up to £115 per night, is also based a stone’s throw from Harlech Castle.

Married couple Matthew and Helen Dowler (The Mill at Glynhir) were impressed by the “incredible view” from their room, while sisters Lesley Cloud and Sarah Williams (Hideaway Escapes) described theirs as “gorgeous”.

On a rainy day, Rachel and Liam took their visitors on a guided tour of Harlech Castle, where they could take in the “stunning” views it offers.

This was followed by an evening drink in the hotel bar, where Liam reprised the Ali G outfit he used to don while DJing.

Matthew and Helen “slept really well” at the hotel, though Lesley and Sarah encountered more difficult due to traffic noise and external lighting.

Joanne Beckett and mum Pat, of Rosaire Guest House, described their hosts as “perfect”, meanwhile.

And despite a mix-up with Pat’s order, cooked breakfasts otherwise went down a treat, with Lesley saying she “couldn’t wish for more” from hers.

Though, Lesley and Sarah were the only pair who said they would not stay again at the hotel, “purely because of the sleep”.

Overall, though, Rachel said she was “really, really happy” with the feedback from her three pairs of guests.

The guests then pay what they think their stay was worth, with the cash amount kept secret until the end of the competition.

The winner will be revealed on Friday’s (April 26) show, while next to host tonight are Matthew and Helen.

You can watch The Queens Hotel compete on Four in a Bed every night this week at 6pm on Channel 4, or on demand on All 4.