GWYNEDD planners finally settled an application for a funeral building in a rural village after two years of deliberation.

Cygnor Gwynedd unanimously passed a scheme to construct a chapel of rest  to expand an existing funeral director’s business at Morfa Nefyn, on the northern coast of the Llŷn Peninsula.

The full application was made by Dewi Thomas through Haydn Williams (Haydn E Williams Cyf) and was a re-submission of a proposal that was previously refused.

The applicant is one of three on the coroner/police list for dealing with emergency calls in the Pen Llŷn area, a report stated.

Located adjacent to the B4417 highway 50m from the B4412 crossroads, the plans were recommended for approval by the planning committee with conditions.

Floor plans showed an office, cold storage area, toilet, loading and unloading area for vehicles and void for a chapel of rest.

The facility would provide an area for the deceased to be kept in a temperature controlled environment.

It would offer an opportunity for family to view deceased loved ones before their funeral, there would be a table or stand where the coffin could be placed and a seating area.

Plans described how the current workshop did not have space to facilitate this service for families, and it was not a service offered nearby.


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The proposed chapel of rest would be located immediately adjacent to the existing workshop building.

The new building  would measure approximately 8.2m by 14.8m and 2.3m to the eaves, and be 3.7m to the ridge.

It would have a surface area of around 121sq m, and  finished with blue/grey steel panels on the roof and grey ship-lap wall boards.

Outside of the the area’s development boundary, the plans were described as being close to public toilets, near the existing building.

Planning officer Gwawr Hughes told the planning committee today (Monday, April 22)  it had been  “unclear how the plans would operate alongside the other building”.

But the applicant’s agent has provided a statement in response to the former refusal.

The business would effectively be using both buildings, “ancillary ” rather than replacing the building he said.

Information had confirmed there would room for a hearse,  an area for a doctor to visit the deceased and cold storage.

The existing building would be used as a workshop to produce coffins and  store mixed stock and coffins including wicker and cardboard.


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The current building was not accessible, there were steps

down to a part currently used as a cold store, meaning a trolley “could not be used a report said.

A proposed new hearse would not be possible to park within the existing building due to its increased length,

The applicant confirmed that the business would “work effectively” by using both buildings.

The plans had been revised, extending the access providing three parking spaces and  wider access for door opening.

Speaker Haydn Hughes told the meeting  “the current building is not suitable to provide a service that is compliant with modern standards.

The new plans would provide a “necessary service” for the community but  “the problem had been trying to find a suitable site for the service.”

“This site was ideal, being almost in countryside but close enough to Morfa Nefyn and Nefyn.” He said.

He added that work on the planning application had been “thorough and required patience.”

“These plans had been on the table for about two years, but the officers  officers are now happy,” he said,

There had been no objections to the revised plans.

Proposing approval, Councillor Gruff Williams said “there is one certainty in this life, we will all day one day!

“So I hope you will support this.”

It was seconded by Cllr Elwyn Edwards, the committee agreed seven in favour no abstentions of objections.