A MAN who subjected his puppy to appalling abuse and cruelty before strangling it to death has been locked up.

Aled Roberts, of High Street in Tywyn, appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court for sentence on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old had previously admitted two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Gareth Bellis, prosecuting, told the court that the defendant was known by his friends to "often get pets," but when the "novelty wore off," he'd put them in cages and forget about them.

Mr Bellis said Roberts had a history of failing to adequately care for his animals.

When a friend visited his home one one occasion, she found a hamster dead in a cage in his room - with various other animals in cages "stacked on top of one another, all desperately needing cleaning" within the home.

Concerns were raised when the defendant got a collie cross puppy, with one of his friends telling him it was a "terrible idea."

The court heard that a few weeks after getting the dog, the "novelty" once again wore off and the animal was left for long periods of time in a cage at the defendant's "grubby, dirty" flat where a cat litter tray was overflowing and faeces were left on the floor.

The defendant's friends received a video call from him on April 17, 2023, during which he could be seen forcefully striking the then 5-month-olf collie after it had defecated in its cage.

The next morning, he told them the dog had died - but he didn't appear sad. In fact, he was grinning.

After being questioned by his friends, Roberts eventually called 999 himself and admitted that he'd killed the dog "in a fit of anger" by choking it with a chain.

He told police: "I feel guilty for what I've done and I regret what I've done."

North Wales Chronicle: Aled Roberts (NWP)Aled Roberts (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)A post-mortem examination confirmed the pet had been subjected to blunt force trauma and strangulation - with evidence revealing more abuse had happened prior to the fatal incident.

Thomas McLoughlin, defending, told the court: "The case clearly is one of grave seriousness.

"However the defendant has accepted his guilt at the very first opportunity - in fact, he was the one who rang 999 and effectively confessed.

"That indicates an element of contrition on the part of this defendant."

Mr McLoughlin invited the court to step back from immediate custody, describing his client's "various mental health problems of depression, anxiety and other issues."

"It is a sad state of affairs," he said.

"He has no previous convictions but there are a number of learning deficits that are clear in the [pre-sentence] report.

"With hard work and dedication, there's a path alternative to the imposition of immediate custody."

Judge Timothy Petts told the defendant: "In November of 2022, you acquired a puppy.

"You had no idea how to look after him properly.

"The novelty soon wore off and you went from neglecting him to being cruel and violent towards him.

"Eventually, on April 18 last year, you killed him by strangling him.

"The suffering he sustained must have been considerable.

"Defenceless as he was, he was in severe pain during prolonged incidents of serious cruelty."

The Judge handed down an 18 month term of immediate imprisonment, as well as banning Roberts from owning any animal for the rest of his life.

He can only apply to have the ban re-assessed or lifted after a minimum of five years.

RSPCA inspector Andrew Broadbent said: “This is an incredibly sad case where Twm died following blunt force trauma and physical violence. 

“We would like to thank all those who contacted us about this incident and along with the police for their assistance.”