A MARRIED couple on Anglesey are celebrating the news that the Type 2 diabetes they both had previously been medically diagnosed with is now in complete remission.

Carol and Tony Gardner, both aged 60, moved to Anglesey last June, following Tony’s decision to retire early through ill health after being diagnosed with diabetes in 2020.

Just a year later, Tony suffered a heart attack, while Carol was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2022.

Faced with living with Type 2 diabetes and obesity, the couple tried to lose weight on their own, with limited success.

After joining a Slimming World group on the island, the couple, who live in Cemaes, have seen both of their lives “change for the better”.

Tony said: “After the first few months of moving to the coastal village of Cemaes on the island, we suddenly realised that we had both been guilty of putting on the pounds again.

“Strangely, it felt like we were on a permanent holiday. Then, in September, as we were walking by the village hall, Carol disappeared inside, reappearing 10 minutes later to inform me that she wanted to sign us both up to do Slimming World.

“Little did we know that our lives were about to change for the better.”

Within six months of joining, the couple managed to lose six stone in weight between them.

Tony reached his initial target of a three-stone loss by the end of January, and has now set himself a target of shedding a further two stone.

Carol, meanwhile, is well on her way to achieving her target of a 3.5 stone weight loss.

She said: “By both being in this together, it certainly helps to keep on track.

“We seem to inspire one another to keep going, and when we have self-doubts which does happen, we draw on the fantastic support of our local group, as well as one another.

“Our Slimming World consultant, Sarah, is a superb motivational and inspirational speaker.”

Besides embracing a healthier diet, the couple have also been improving their fitness levels.

Tony had never joined a gym before moving to Anglesey, for instance, for fear that he would “look out of place”.

But, he said: “I was so wrong. We both feel the benefits, physically and mentally, in following a much healthier lifestyle of a sensible Slimming World structured diet and regular exercise.

“I firmly believe this winning formula is the reason why we have both managed to send our diabetes into complete remission.”

Their GP referred the couple to a leisure centre in Amlwch in November, where Tony and Carol make use of the gym and swimming pool facilities every week.

They also enjoy coastal and countryside walks with their two dogs, Chico and Charlie.

In addition, the couple are currently considering purchasing electric bikes each and have even been eyeing up a twin kayak.