MCDONALD’S has re-opened its Bangor restaurant following a re-design, which aims to deliver a better customer experience for all. 

Owned and operated by franchisee Phil Lowndes, the Bangor restaurant is one of the first in Wales to undergo a “Convenience of the Future” re-design.  

This revamp programme will combine a new restaurant layout with the latest technology to create a more seamless and enjoyable experience for customers.

Improvements have been made for restaurant crew, with a re-design of the crew rooms, which will create a more relaxing and comfortable space for them to take a break.

McDonald’s had shut in Bangor on February 21 prior to the refurbishment works starting.


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Phil Lowndes, who owns and operates six McDonald’s restaurants in Wales, said: “I’m proud to reinvest in our Bangor restaurant - especially as McDonald’s celebrates its 50th anniversary in the UK this year!

“The dining area is more contemporary, and we now have separate facilities for our dine-in customers and our couriers leading to a better experience for everyone.

“It’s exciting to see the fresh new look and feel of our Bangor restaurant.

“I’m confident the changes will not only benefit our customers but also our staff, who have all been very complementary about the re-design behind the scenes that will help make their jobs a little easier.”

While the traditional walk-in and drive-thru remain core to how customers order, the redesign of McDonald’s kitchens and dining areas will help integrate digital sales channels, the McDonald’s App, and make smarter use of internal space to enhance the dine-in experience.

Along with the removal of the front counters, the revamp aims to offer a more efficient way to order and will leave customers with more space to enjoy their meal.