SIR Keir Starmer joined Wales' new first minister in Anglesey this morning (March 25) to discuss green energy opportunities on the island.

The Labour leader paid a visit to North Wales alongside Vaughan Gething to promote Labour’s plans for Great British Energy. This was their first joint visit as UK and Welsh Labour leaders; Mr Gething was installed as Wales' new first minister on March 20. 

Labour has committed to the publicly owned company, underpinned by an ambitious £8.3bn budget, to invest in clean homegrown power generation ‘to cut bills for families, create jobs across the country, and take back control of energy security’. 

Sir Keir said: "In an increasingly insecure world, with tyrants using energy as an economic weapon, Britain must take back control of our national energy security.

"After 14 years of a Tory government kowtowing to fossil fuel dictators, Labour’s plan for energy independence would get Putin’s boot off our throat and power up communities across Britain. 

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“Great British Energy will be built to last, and the wind farms, carbon capture and all the good jobs that go with it will be built to last, too. It will be a legacy of the next Labour Government. Here in Wales, the potential for offshore wind is enormous, and the UK Tory government is squandering it. With public investment through Great British Energy we can unlock billions more in private investment to turbocharge jobs and growth for Wales. 

“I’m excited to be working with Vaughan as we enter a new era for Wales. The Welsh people have the chance this year to elect a mission-driven UK Labour government that will work in true partnership with the Welsh Labour government, strengthening devolution and delivering a strong, secure Wales.

“Vaughan is passionate about helping young people plan ambitious futures in Wales and creating the green jobs needed to make it happen. Wales deserves a UK Labour Government with a plan that backs those ambitions."

Sir Keir and Mr Gething visited the Holyhead port to confirm that Great British Energy will invest in Britain’s growing floating offshore wind industry. This has the potential to support the creation of tens of thousands of skilled jobs across Wales and Britain, including places such as South Wales and the Celtic Sea. 

The pair were joined by Shadow Energy Ed Miliband and Shadow Welsh Secretary Jo Stevens.

Mr Gething said: “With new ambition, Wales can take its place at the frontier of a green jobs revolution that fuels new ambition and expands horizons.

“From groundbreaking tidal energy investment to the birth of Wales’ publicly owned energy company - Ynni Cymru - our Welsh Labour Government is building that future here in North Wales."