A DOG walker says they were left feeling uneasy following a creepy experience in Clocaenog Forest.

A resident was walking in the huge conifer forest, near Ruthin, on Tuesday, January 9 when they heard "strange noises".

They said: "It was only after they got a bit louder that I thought to turn my phone flash on. Thankfully I managed to snap a picture. This thing was following me around the woods for the best part of 45 minutes - I shouted out to it and it just crawled away at some speed.

"It looked something like a person but was also completely nude. It was one or two degrees that night."

The resident is urging others to be vigilant.


"I’ve advised my family and children not to go near the woods," they said.

"I looking into reporting it to the local police.

"I either encountered something or someone."

What is it? Was someone playing a prank on the walker? Is it a hoax or is it something else?