ONE OF the candidates in the running to be Wales' next First Minister says he would welcome a review of the 20mph speed limits.

Mark Drakeford will no longer be Wales' First Minister from March 16, 2024 it has been confirmed. There are only two contenders in the running to replace him as it stands, Vaughan Gething and Jeremy Miles.

Economy Minister Gething and Education Minister Jeremy Miles will go head-to-head for the position of Welsh Labour Leader.

Mr Gething was in Flintshire and Wrexham on December 21 to visit Deeside College, Theatr Clwyd (Mold), Moneypenny (Wrexham) and Ruabon.

Whilst there, we also spoke to Mr Gething about his views on the 20mph scheme in Wales and whether or not a review of it could happen in the near future.

Since September, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales have changed from being 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government says that this is in order to 'save lives', but the move was met with unprecedented backlash as a petition opposing the change gathered over 460,000 signatures.

Talking in Wrexham about his stance on the 20mph speed limits, Mr Gething said: "Yes, I'm keen that there is a review. I think we have a policy that will, long term make a real difference to helping to save lives."

He added: "I'm a dad, I have a primary school aged son, I'm much more happy for him to ride his bike on a road where I know that people are going to be driving slower and he's much more likely not to be hit or to get up if he does get a bump on the road.

"What we do need to do though is listen to the public and to think about the tone in which we've talked about and described the policy.

"That also means we've got to give people an opportunity to say specifically what they would like to see change.

"I think we need to design a review period, with local government, so people can say specifically what they would like to see change and why.

"We can then listen and then local authorities can make a decision. I think that would demonstrate that we're listening to the public.

"I think there would be changes to some roads which show that the public have been heard and listened to and we'll still have a coherent policy on reducing speeds in built-up areas and I'd like to see that happen sooner than later."