A PHOTOGRAPH of a "spooky house" in Anglesey that features a ghostly looking figure has drawn a huge reaction.

Marie Gibson posted the picture, which was taken by her daughter when she was out walking seven or eight years ago, on public Facebook group Supernatural, Myths, Legends, Ghosts, Paranormal & Superstitions. More than 6,000 people reacted to the photo whilst nearly 800 people commented.

The eerie house called Craig Y Môr and is located in Trearddur Bay near Holyhead on Anglesey.

The photo features a white ghostly figure that Marie suggests could be floating.

Some people believe it looks like a "old Welsh lady in a traditional long skirt" whilst others say it looks like a spirit carrying a basket of flowers or a woman cradling a baby.

North Wales Chronicle: Marie Gibson's daughter took the ghostly image some years agoMarie Gibson's daughter took the ghostly image some years ago (Image: Permission granted by Marie Gibson)
Marie said: "My daughter took the photograph whilst out walking with her husband seven or eight years ago, she would have been 25 - 26 years old. At the time that she took the photo of what she thought was a beautiful house on her mobile phone. She didn't see anything unusual until later that night when she was looking through the pictures that she had taken during the day she noticed the figure. 

"She was a little alarmed and her husband was sleeping at the time so she forwarded the picture to me to ask my thoughts. She then went on to wake her husband because the picture had spooked her so much.

"Some of the comments on Facebook suggest it was taken through glass but, as stated, she was out walking. She was not in a car or behind glass. Others have suggested that it was a smudge/dirt on the her lens, however, all the pictures that she took before and after this particular photograph have no smudges or smears on them.

"One lady that lives close to the house has confirmed that there are no waterfalls on the premises, and it was not raining on the day that it was taken.

"I put the picture on the group because I wanted to see other people's thoughts on the figure as I found it very interesting. The figure has a shadow beneath it so whatever it is, that tells me it is off the ground and floating."

Craig y Mor is described as an austere, neo-Georgian, early 20th century house. The house was built for William Smellie, a wealthy Englishman and founder member of the Trearddur Bay Sailing Club, as a holiday home. It was designed by F. G. Hicks, architect of Liverpool and the construction of the house began c 1911. Work ceased during the First World War and recommenced shortly afterwards.

The building was finally completed in 1922.

Responding to the photo, one person posted on the group: "I live near this house. The history behind it is incredible."

Another person wrote: "It looks like a lady in old style clothing! Certainly an interesting photo."

North Wales Chronicle: A closer view of the image and the ghostly figureA closer view of the image and the ghostly figure (Image: Permission granted by Marie Gibson)
Another person said: "We used to go here every year when I was little. The house would always freak us out, it's right on the water. Now the lights would never be on, but in the reflection in the water, every light was always on."

Another person penned: "Looks like the spirit of a woman. Dark blouse, white skirt or apron, maybe carrying an armful or basket of flowers."


One man wrote: "I was part of a film crew filming at TV Drama there about six years ago.

"Some members of the crew were convinced the place was haunted."

Sharing some further information about the house, another person shared: "Mr Smellie died in 1955, followed by Mrs Smellie six years later, and the house was later passed to their third daughter, Ruth, in 1978. The house then went to their children and it continues to be owned by the Jones family today.

"As well as being the home of the Smellies, Craig Y Mor also housed soldiers who were stationed at the Cliff Hotel for a brief period during the Second World War.

"It has most recently been used as a photo shoot and film location and featured on the ITV crime drama Safe House a few years ago."