CLIMATE groups in Gwynedd marched in Bangor on Saturday (October 28) to demand the Westminster Government revokes the decision to approve the new Rosebank offshore development.

The oil field would be the biggest in the North Sea.

The event in Bangor, organised by Extinction Rebellion Bangor, was part of a national day of action across the UK by more than 100 organisations.

Helen McGreary, a 48-year-old dance teacher from Menai Bridge, said: “We are here to call on Rishi Sunak to scrap Rosebank and move away from polluting, climate wrecking oil and gas and instead set the UK on a trajectory for a cleaner more secure future.

“This new oil field will not lower our energy bills or make us more energy secure. Only investment in renewables, fuel efficiency, including insulation will do that.

“Rosebank would be another tax break for oil giant Equinor, costing the tax payer billions, with no actual benefit to society at large, whilst propping up an industry which is ruining our planet.

“The government needs to withdraw it's permission for Rosebank and invest in a safe, clean future instead.”


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The climate impacts of the emissions from burning oil and gas from Rosebank would be more than the annual carbon dioxide emissions of the 28 lowest-income countries combined.

In other words, this one UK field would produce more pollution than the world’s 700 million poorest people produce in a whole year.

Rowan Thompson, a 39-year-old gardener from Penmachno, said: “I'm joining the protest against Rosebank's drilling for oil because it won’t do anything to lower our energy bills, or make our energy supply safer.

“In fact, a project like Rosebank is designed to make oil giants even richer at our expense.

“New fields only make us more dependent on expensive, polluting oil and gas for longer, when we should be investing in renewable energy instead.”

Francis Taylor, a 73-year-old retired teacher from Groeslon, said: “At a time when so many households across the UK are struggling with the cost of living, Rosebank’s owners Equinor and Ithaca Energy are set to receive a tax break worth £3.75billion.

“Rosebank oil is 90 per cent for export. The best way to secure energy and to bring down bills is to rapidly expand energy efficiency measures, whilst boosting reliable and cheap renewables that are in harmony with nature’s recovery.”

Ayeisha Hughes, a 34-year-old disability needs assessor from Llanberis, said: “This is the biggest oil field yet, and every new oil field pushes us closer to our world becoming uninhabitable.

“Scientists have said time and again that we can’t have any new oil and gas if we want to stay within safe climate limits.

“Spending billions of taxpayers’ money on this delays the transition away from fossil fuels to decent green jobs.”