A RESTAURANT has taken to social media to detail its four years of hell. 

Over the last four years, the Wood Fired Shack in Bangor said staff and customers had suffered abuse, theft, vandalism and even stalking. They have even been spat at and followed.

Owners Paul Cassar and Avia Amos said there had been a dog attack and a knife incident.

Drunk individuals also attempted to urinate inside the restaurant. 

The frustrated team have lost business over the summer season as "no one wants to sit outside".

Wood Fired Shack posted a photo on its Facebook page (below) on Monday, September 11 alongside the wording: "Looking at this photo you could be forgiven for thinking 'Oh what a lovely spot to enjoy some al fresco dining' but you don't see in this photo, is what goes on just by the benches.

North Wales Chronicle: Wood Fired Shack posted this photo on their Facebook page with the long captionWood Fired Shack posted this photo on their Facebook page with the long caption (Image: Wood Fired Shack / Facebook)

"As many of you know all too well since taking on the building at 205 High Street, we have struggled with constant anti-social behaviour issues right outside our restaurant and while we have touched on this a few times , we have not shared in great detail how much of a real, real issue it is for a few reasons.

"One of the main reasons of course is we don't want to put people off visiting what's an already unappealing end of the high street due to the amount of empty shops and also we are constantly hoping this issue will be resolved by the relevant parties.

"We want to stress that this topic has been a constant source of discussion for four years now and many people involved are doing what they can, but it's a complex issue which needs tackling by more than just one authority. Trust us when we say we have gone down every possible route we can to try and tackle this. The police do what they can with the resources they have and we are grateful for this, but it's just not enough.

"During these last four years we have suffered abuse, theft, vandalism and even stalking. We have been threatened, assaulted, spat at and followed. During these few months alone there has been a dog a attack, drunk individuals attempting to urinate in to our restaurant and a knife incident. There is constant drinking, drug taking, shouting and fighting going on daily, day and night.


"We have a responsibility to keep our team and customers safe and we are unable to do so under these conditions. We don't feel safe coming to work or allowing staff members to walk alone to their cars. The impact this is having on all our mental health is increasingly draining as we are constantly having to deal with these issues and having to constantly call for help instead of doing what we are all meant to be doing- running a restaurant.

"We have had so many meetings and discussions and so much has been suggested but the reality remains- nothing is changing. We are still constantly dealing with these issues on a daily basis and it's not fair.

"This had to change because not only is this massively impacting us but during the most recent open day at the university we were asked by almost every table 'Is it always like this?' 

"Bangor was described as feeling rough and grotty and not a place parents want to send their kids. And this observation sadly is entirely correct."

The statement added: The amount of business we lose because of this every summer is astounding. During what should be the busy season this is key because no one wants to sit outside. This weekend alone people wanted to sit out and enjoy this glorious weather and as usual were unable to because of this and asked to move inside which if we have free seats at the time is fine, but if not we lose out.

"People are asking to only order take out or sit downstairs so they don't have to be around this type of thing. People are missing out on sitting outside looking at the beautiful cathedral and being able to enjoy being outdoors all because of this permanent issue."

Owners went on to ask customers and residents to share their Facebook post aas well as any experience they had had "personally" regarding the situation.

One person wrote: "While we dined with you, Someone drunk threw a chair at the window from outside. If you hadn’t of had double glazing it would have hit me in the face!

"It was our first and last visit. Scared me to death!"

Another person commented: "First of all, your place is lovely and can't recommend it enough! It's such a shame a great restaurant and location is ruined by this.

"I've lived and worked in Bangor since 2019, and the problem has only gotten worse. Same goes for the street racers on the high street, the council/police don't seem to give a damn and do nothing to even pretend to help.

"I've seen people openly dealing drugs next to the cathedral during the day, a short walk from the police station. They know they can get away with whatever they want, and keep on harassing and frustrating people.

"That should be a lovely spot right next to the cathedral, but instead it's just 'crackhead corner' or 'druggie benches'. I hope the council and police wake up soon and actually do something for once."

Another person shared an image and said: "As the Owner of 376-378 high street this was the recent graffiti local vandals carried out. Ok we plan to invest on the buildings and upgrade and play our part on regeneration of the high street but it does make you think what’s the point if this is the activity that is constantly happening.

"The high street is massively in decline and Gwynedd and local agencies are in huge denial. Sit on the high street for the day and you will see the problems within a few hours."