ANGLESEY businesswoman and reality TV star Jude Cisse has condemned the racist abuse she has witnessed her son and other players face.

Jude’s son Prince Kobe Cisse, one of three children she shares with former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse, made his first appearance for Wales youth teams last year.

But after rumours circulated that the youngster had been racially abused by another player in a game against Juventus, the proud mum spoke on the issue that has affected her son and many others.

Despite clarifying that on this occasion, her son was not the victim, Jude detailed instances when he had been racially abused in football, saying she felt “shocked” when it first happened in an under-10 game in Italy.

In a post on social media, Lady Jude said: “I am aware that there are posts circulating in regards to my son being racially abused whilst on tour during a game against Juventus - on this occasion it was not my son that was the victim.

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“However, with this said, I have personally witnessed my son being racially abused on a number of occasions over the past few years.

“The first was during a universal youth tournament with the U10s in Italy.

“Feeling shocked was an understatement as I could not imagine someone so young could speak in such a way.

“The last time I witnessed it was in Sardinia last year.”

She said she felt the problem was more deep-rooted, and that this sort of behaviour from young players comes from home, and their parents.

She added: “I can’t help but feel sorry for these kids, it is in my opinion come from learnt behaviour and they need educating, not punishing. Perhaps the parents need to be punished.

“I believe it will take many years to stamp out racism as a result - I have always taught my boys that it’s not what happens to you but how we deal with it.”

Jude said that Juventus had apologised and applied sanctions in response to the incident, and that she was “satisfied” the right action had been taken by the club.

Prince is a member of the youth team set up at Liverpool FC while his brother Cassius is also an aspiring footballer.

Anglesey-born Jude set up a successful business while in her early 20s.

In 2005, she became 'Lady of The Manor' when she and her then husband moved into Ridge Manor House in Frodsham, Cheshire.

She still uses the title Lady on some of her social media.

Well-known on the celebrity circuit, Jude is a regular on chat and entertainment shows, and appeared on MTV Cribs, Welsh documentary The Wag from Wales, Celebrity Coach Trip, Celebrity Come Dine with Me, and Britain's Flashiest Families.