IN PREPARATION for the permanent works phase for the Menai Suspension Bridge, mobilisation works will begin on Monday (August 14).

The mobilisation works will prepare off-bridge areas for material delivery and access, as well as easy workforce movement around the work site.

The mobilisation works include:

  • The erection of temporary site cabins to the southwest side of the mainland anchorage building.
  • Arrangements for storing materials in the Menai Bridge Small Layby.
  • The temporary removal of a small section of fencing at the mainland entry point to the bridge.
  • The removal of the Thomas Telford Sunburst Gates which will undergo restorative works.


Frustration over timeframe of latest Menai Suspension Bridge works

The mobilisation works do not require traffic management measures and both lanes on the bridge will remain open with a 7.5T weight restriction.

The mobilisation works will complete in early September before the permanent works phase is due to begin on September 4.

The permanent works programme will see the installation of new permanent hangers on the Menai Suspension Bridge as well as deliver major maintenance works such as lighting replacement and extensive paint work to the exterior of the bridge.