AN MP HAS attempted to set the record straight after being accused of attending an event in Parliament while Covid-19 restrictions were in place.

The Guido Fawkes website reports that Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Mon, was allegedly the co-host of an event on December 8,2 2020, held in Deputy Speaker Eleanor Laing’s parliamentary offices during lockdown.

The website writes that the event was for birthday drinks to mark Ms Crosbie’s 54th birthday and Baroness Anne Jenkin’s 65th birthday.

Wishing to "set out the facts", Ms Crosbie said: "The invitation for this event was not sent out by me. I attended the event briefly, I did not drink and I did not celebrate my birthday. I went home shortly after to be with my family.

"I apologise unreservedly for a momentary error of judgement in attending the event."

Earlier this month, the MP explained why she did not vote on a Privileges Committee report into Boris Johnson’s conduct.


Ms Crosbie missed the Privileges Committee vote on June 19 as she was in Anglesey taking part in a meeting with police to discuss "security concerns" after the deputy leader of Anglesey’s council stated, "all Tories should be shot."

Councillor Ieuan Williams has since apologised for the remarks and has stepped down.

She said, after missing the vote: "Obviously, the safety of my team is my top priority. Therefore, I am down as abstaining on the vote.

"However, anyone who has read my resignation letter to Boris Johnson can draw their own conclusion as to how I would have voted."

The letter, to then Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and when Ms Crosbie was Parliamentary Private Secretary, in brief states: "I write to inform you of my resignation as Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Welsh Office. 

"It has been an honour to serve in the department alongside my wonderful colleagues. 

"Sadly, I am forced to say that the sheer number of allegations of impropriety and illegality - many of them centred around Downing Street and your Premiership - is quite simply making your position untenable.

"I am of the view that if you continue in office then you risk irrevocably harming this government, and the Conservative party and will hand the keys of Downing Street to a Labour Party unfit to govern.

"The inaccurate and contradictory statements over what you knew about the former Deputy Chief Whip's conduct before you appointed him was the last straw. I cannot continue to defend your actions to my Ynys Mon constituents who are rightly very angry."