AREAS of Caernarfon Castle that have not been seen for centuries are now open to the public, after conservation work on the site was completed.

The main gateway has undergone work for three years, and now provides access to areas that have not been seen for centuries.

The castle grounds, where King Charles III was invested as Prince of Wales in 1969, now include new flooring and a lift to the upper levels after £5million of investment.

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Cadw, which looks after historic buildings and structures, is encouraging visitors to witness the views from the rooftop deck's upper embattlements.

Head of Cadw Gwilym Hughes said: "We look forward to welcoming visitors of all abilities to experience this area of the fortress for the first time in centuries, and hope that our new interpretation will provide new ways for visitors to understand the Castle's story.

"This new interpretation will demonstrate the skill and knowledge that went into building the castle that is now a World Heritage Site.

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“It also provides a context that will allow a fuller understanding of a time of intense conflict between the indigenous Welsh princes and the English monarchy."

Dawn Bowden MS, Welsh Government's deputy minister for arts and sport, added: "Enhancement projects like this one ensure that everybody can access Welsh history and learn more about the nation's heritage.

"Cadw's new interpretation will further support this, inviting visitors to discover the lesser-known stories of the Castle's history."