A Gwynedd woman was stunned to meet a Hollywood A-Lister when tying the knot in New York City.

When Klaire and Lynz Tanner spontaneously decided to get married while in the Big Apple, they could not believe who they saw on the day.

Klaire, from Bangor, was preparing for the ceremony at A Treehouse for Dreaming in Central Park on the weekend when Mark Ruffalo walked past.

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The actor is famous for his roles in films like Shutter Island and Spotlight and for playing Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The couple at first didn’t believe it was him, but he soon joined them for a picture.

North Wales Chronicle: Klaire and Lynz Tanner in Central Park. Photo: Klaire TannerKlaire and Lynz Tanner in Central Park. Photo: Klaire Tanner (Image: Klaire Tanner)

Klaire told the Chronicle they were shocked, adding: “He happened to walk through where we were getting married just as we were getting ready to start, rather than gate-crashing.

“Once we clicked on that it was Mark Ruffalo - took us a second to confirm it was definitely him.

“He was a lovely, really nice guy, and lovely of him to take the time and have pics with us!”