Anybody who drinks diet fizzy drinks has been issued a health warning with scientist revealing people who drink the popular low-calorie beverage could be raising their risk of a heart attack.

Research from scientists suggests artificial sweeteners found in the drinks and also added to foods like yoghurt, cereal and ketchup could be bad for your health, reports the Daily Mail.

The study found people who consume 78mg of artificial sweeteners a day, found in just half a can of diet fizzy drinks are up to ten times more likely to suffer a heart attack and five times more likely to suffer a stroke.

Scientists in France have warned artificial sweeteners should not be considered a healthy alternative to sugar in a 10-year trial of 100,000 people published in the British Medical Journal.

Independent health experts have said reaching a conclusion on sugar substitutes will require longer and more in-depth studies and that the link between them and heart problems ar overstated.