NORTH Wales Police say they are aware of fake images circulating on social media, with one referring to a so-called “wanted” man in Caernarfon.

Multiple posts across North Wales groups have referred to the same image of the man pictured, spreading fake information geared towards that specific group’s area.

One such post was on the Caernarfon For Sale Facebook page, where the man alleges a man with a Canadian accent assaulted three teens with a knife.

These posts are all fabricated.

A North Wales Police Gwynedd North spokesperson said: “We are aware of concerns regarding warnings circulating on social media regarding the Caernarfon area.

“As you will see from the pictures, the fake posts are being spread in different areas of the force and are without foundation.

“Please be careful what you share on social media if you don't know the source of the information.

“Whilst these platforms can be great communication tools, this is dependent upon the accuracy of what is shared!”