CONWY and Gwynedd have been named one of the drowsiest regions for drivers in the UK, as research by Sleepseeker reveals the figures behind the findings.

Driving whilst tired can be extremely dangerous, slowing down reaction times and causing accidents, with the North Wales counties among the most sleepy.

To reveal the area of the UK with the most sleep deprived drivers, data from the Department for Transport 2022 accident by contributory factor, local authority and English region report was used. This data was then combined with ONS population figures to calculate rates per 100,000.

The sleep experts ranked every county according to the amount of accidents caused by fatigue in their respective local authorities, with Gwynedd revealed as the fourth-sleepiest region, with 3.99 accidents by fatigue per 100,000 people, followed by Conwy in seventh place with 3.38 (2020 figures).

Oxfordshire was found to have the highest proportion of fatigue-induced accidents per 100,000 people, with 5.74.

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