A FURNITURE store in Gaerwen have started a scheme which will see them bring chairs and mattresses to the homes of disabled and elderly buyers in order to better gauge their needs.

Dodrefn Parry's Furniture, based in Star, Gaerwen, will be delivering adaptive furniture to those struggling with mobility, such as disabled people and the elderly.

Carol Parry, who operates the business with her husband Gwynfor, said the scheme was an attempt at “growing awareness” for the struggles faced by some customers, and that her inspiration also came from her parents.

“I hear about people not being able to come out to try things for themselves and how difficult it is,” said Carol.

“I have elderly parents myself, and they’re both housebound, so that’s brought it home to me.

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“We can’t bring our whole shop, but we can bring a taster of the kind of thing they do want.”

The scheme is set to be announced within the next week, and will invite those with mobility difficulties to get in touch with the company and book an appointment, where staff will bring a selection of chairs (including orthopaedic ones) and mattresses into their homes for them to try out.

Ms Parry added: “They don’t have to worry about buying something that they haven’t tried – they know the quality and exactly what they are buying.

“They want a really nice, comfortable, supportive chair that will help to alleviate a lot of discomfort.

“If they get a chair and mattress they’ve chosen themselves that goes a long, long way.”

Dodrefn Parry's Furniture have served the Anglesey and Gwynedd regions for 35 years.

To book your home appointment, message the company on Facebook, email parrysfurniture@btconnect.com or call 01248 712663.

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