A HONEYBEE colony have been safely removed from their Rhosybol home of 15 years after a resident noticed stray bees in the upstairs bedroom of her new house.

Upon noticing the little lodgers in the bedroom, the woman contacted Felin Honeybees Ltd, who specialise in beekeeping, honey production, courses, honeybee removals and pollination, and are part of the Celmyn-based Felin Honeybees Honey Farm And Education Centre.

On scanning the walls in the property a large colony was found in the front of the house, and Felin Honeybees’ Katie Hayward contacted Anglesey Scaffolding for their help.

North Wales Chronicle: The full size of the beehive. Photo: Katie HaywardThe full size of the beehive. Photo: Katie Hayward

The scaffolders came in their bee suits and put up the scaffolding to allow Ms Hayward to start to rescue the beautiful creatures.

After 15 hours of carefully removing the wall, the hive was exposed to the amazement of the homeowner.

The bees were carefully removed and relocated to a hay meadows on the farm in Cemlyn and are recovering well after their move.

“I feel they are happy to have a nice home after squatting for 15 years,” said Ms Hayward.

“We remove bees from all kinds of structures but this removal has highlighted to the public just how big a colony can get if left for years in a structure.

North Wales Chronicle: Some of the hive's delicious honey. Photo: Katie HaywardSome of the hive's delicious honey. Photo: Katie Hayward

“We have 15 chimneys and four roofs on Anglesey this month and we are happy to provide this service as years ago people would kill them.

“It shows how people are becoming aware of the importance of these beautiful little creatures, and with over 2.5 million views on TikTok, it’s definitely something people are enjoying watching.”

If you are concerned about bees in your property, contact Felinhoneybees on 07725645899.

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