A NORTH Wales group that investigates big cat sightings has warned festivalgoers after "a huge black animal" was spotted in Glastonbury.

A man working at Glastonbury Festival has reported seeing an animal he believes was a puma to Puma Watch North Wales.

He described seeing the black animal running across a field into a small area of woodland “known as the Glade”.

Reg Baker told Puma Watch that what he saw was too big to be a dog and its running movement was different.

The day after the sighting, one of his colleagues pointed at a “dark shape” running up a hill nearby.

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Reg said big cats living in the countryside around the festival site is common knowledge among some workers - adding that the vast size of the festival could allow a big cat trapped inside to go undetected.

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Tony Jones, founder of Puma Watch, said: "The first encounter happened around 8pm on Monday 13th June and was reported to us a few days later. It matches the description of an animal spotted in Glastonbury town back in May 2018 and earlier this year.

"Somerset Live published details of dozens of similar sightings across the county. Though we usually focus on North Wales, we often recieve reports from further afield when people search for how to report sightings. We welcome these reports and have previously shared encounters from Scotland, Cornwall, Manchester and Leamington Spa."

Puma Watch North Wales has shared reports of big cat sightings in Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham, as well as Chester and Ellesmere Port. Witnesses report seeing large cat like creatures, usually black or light brown in colour.


Mr Baker's sightings have been added to Puma Watch's interactive map.

He said: “I am part of the build crew at Glastonbury and have been here for a while now ahead of the festival opening. After I had finished work on Monday I was walking around the site when I spotted a large black animal running free across the field. At first, I thought it was a dog, but then I realised it was well too big to be a dog and its running movement was different. It definitely wasn’t a deer or any other kind of animal I’m familiar with. From the shape, I’m pretty sure it was a puma. It ran into a thick area of trees known as the Glade.

“The next day one of my colleagues pointed at a dark shape running up Pennard Hill opposite us and into the trees at the top. It was too far away to be sure but I think it was a very similar animal if not the same one.

“Talking about it with other people on site I have found a few people who say they have seen big cats while working here over the years. Some don’t believe me but some say they’re common knowledge among the long-term workers and generally harmless, either hiding or leaving when the crowds arrive.

“Dog walkers can’t access the site anymore as it has been completely fenced off for weeks. I’m not sure if a big cat would be able to get over the fence, there are probably places where they’d be able to, but Glasto is so big it’s possible a big cat could go undetected while trapped inside.”

Tony added that members of the Puma Watch community have suggested on Facebook the animal could be the so-called "Beast of Exmoor".

Tabloid newspaper the Star dubbed it the Monster of Glastonfurry.