CONCERNS have been raised over people potentially causing damage to buildings, as well as themselves by doing 'parkour' in North Wales.

Parkour involves people attempting to get from point A to point B in the most fluid way possible.

But North Wales Police have raised their concerns that North Wales residents participating in parkour could be causing damage to buildings as well as potentially seriously injuring themselves.

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AN NWP spokesperson said: "We are becoming increasingly aware of young people becoming interested and practising parkour in our areas.

"Unfortunately, we are receiving reports of criminal damage being caused to buildings and other property connected to parkour and also a report of a child being badly injured."

The force has issued the following tips on how to parkour in the safest possible way: 

  • Always check your surfaces. It may not have the grip you are expecting.
  • Don’t show off with movements you’ve never done before. 
  • Start by taking classes. 
  • Don’t eat a big meal before your parkour workout
  • Train at your own pace/Listen to your body. 
  • Gyms are great. If you have a parkour gym near you, use it! 
  • Choose your shoes well. 
  • Wear the right clothes.
  • Don’t go up higher than you’re willing to fall from - it’s just a bad idea.