PETROL prices have hit a record high throughout the United Kingdom as the cost of living crisis rumbles on.

Prices rose up to as high as 185p per litre on Sunday, June 12.

Meanwhile, diesel prices fell to 190.92p per litre, after reaching a new record of 191.03p per litre on Saturday.

The AA said petrol pump prices "should be grinding to a halt, at least temporarily, by the end of the week", as wholesale prices flatten.

But, there are many firms throughout the region, including right here in North Wales, who are feeling the impact of the major increase in cost.

J&M Garner Haulage Ltd is one of those which has seen its cost of fuel - as well as other products such as tyres - increase greatly since the beginning of 2022.

A spokesperson for the company, based in Queensferry, says the overall cost of fuel for all 18 of its trucks has increased by 40%.

They added: "Getting our fuel delivered to our 10,000 gallon tanker in the yard used to be the cheapest way for us to operate, but that isn't always the case now.

"We are having to increase some of our own rates in order to make up for these extra costs.

"The price of everything is going up, including our tyres which have gone up by 20%. Our fuel has gone up from being around £1.14 a litre to £1.60 a litre since January and we're looking at a fuel bill of £20,000 for our 18 trucks."

North Wales Chronicle:

PIC: Family-run J&M Garner, based in Deeside, is one of those feeling the pinch of fuel costs.

The rise in fuel prices have been driven up by the war in Ukraine, as European countries reduce their use of Russian oil.

The J&M Garner spokesperson added: "Since the situation in Ukraine began, the cost of our fuel order just keeps on rising.

"We're a family-run business which has been in existence for 43 years. We've been through recessions and lots of ups and downs, but this right now is very difficult.

"For us, and for many other hard-working and honest businesses in the local area, it's going to have to be a case of seeing how it goes over the next few months. The longer the situation goes on in Ukraine, the longer ours will go on also.

"I know of many other local firms who are having to change the way they operate just to keep their businesses running. These are very worrying times for all.

"We have already sent letters and emails out to our loyal customers thanking them, but we need more help in the coming months."

Even the average cost of filling a 55-litre family car with diesel has increased dramatically, now standing at £105.01, while the price for a petrol car is at £101.77.

The RAC said a further cut to fuel duty would be "very welcome, albeit overdue".