EVENTS around Bangor and Anglesey have been organised in an attempt to revive Avant Garde art in Wales and review past events.

Dr Sarah Pogoda from Bangor University’s School of Arts, Culture and Language is looking into the long history of experimental and alternative art forms today and how they connect or take forward past arts practices in Wales which were experimental, provocative or which engaged with the community.

Together with artists across Wales, Ms Pogoda has organised a series of events ranging from performances, music gigs, conversations to presentations or visits to legendary sites.

The events are designed to re-explore those past art moments back to life ... and also making visible the value of Avant-Garde traditions in Wales for addressing today’s climate emergency or increasing poverty.

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Events include inviting people to creating butter sculptures at Bae Cemlyn Bay, Anglesey on June 26, to express their feelings about the housing crisis, and an opportunity to revisit Paul Davies‘ legendary Map of Wales, a piece of ‘land art’ which was built on the shores of Llyn Alaw, Anglesey on July 10.

“Wales bears millions of these odd moments, when something not quite normal happens, art emerges and changes place and time, sometimes only for a short moment, sometimes for weeks, sometimes forever,” said Ms Pogoda.

“But too often these moments are not well documented, remain oral history or anecdotes ... or often fall into oblivion.”

She hopes that her research will bring together members of the community, artists and academics sharing their expertise in this history.

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Ms Pogoda added: “I might know the art history that is in the books, and I have seen many challenging, ground-breaking art events here in Wales, but in conversations with friends, audiences and other people, I have realised that there are people who can tell me about more events that have taken place.

“I hope that the series of events, we organised, will trigger memories and conversations.”

All events are free of charge, and those who cannot attend but wish to share their memories can contact Ms Pogoda via email at