FOR nearly two decades, Warws Werdd has been the first port of call for customers seeking bargain second-hand and end-of-line furniture and appliances for their homes.

The Warws Werdd furniture and clothes recycling project is based on the Cibyn Industrial Estate in Caernarfon, and sells a range of second-hand furniture and clothes at low prices.

Established in 2004, the Warws Werdd is part of the Antur Waunfawr family of businesses, and as well as selling a wide range of pre-owned furniture for affordable prices, they also stock a variety of end-of-season furniture from high street stores.

But as with many other organisations, Antur Waunfawr was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the nature of the work that they do, offering employment, volunteering, and wellbeing opportunities to adults with learning disabilities, Antur Waunfawr had to be particularly cautious and aware of the potential risks to the health of the individuals.

That meant, in contrast to other retailers, Warws Werdd was shut to the public for two years.

But the social enterprise looks to the future and this week held an on-site sale to celebrate the re-opening of Warws Werdd.

Osian Owen, a spokesperson on behalf of Warws Werdd said: “Many sectors within society were affected disproportionately by the pandemic, and organisations working with adults with learning disabilities were certainly among those affected.

“The need to be painstakingly careful of the situations we put the individuals in meant that we’re only now able to welcome members of the public back to Warws Werdd.

“But the time has come, and we’re delighted.

“We want to remind the public that we’re here, and by supporting Warws Werdd you’re supporting the great and extensive work that we do with adults with learning disabilities.

“After two long years, we’re back.”