LEADING wine producers in Wales are preparing for a week-long series of in-person events at this year’s Welsh Wine Week which kicks off on Saturday (June 4).

From this weekend, until June 12, Welsh vineyards will invite crowds of wine enthusiasts to explore the country’s leading vineyards and sample the growing collection of award-winning vintages that have put Wales on the map as a leading wine producer for the annual Welsh Wine Week.

Since its launch two years ago, Welsh Wine Week has supported Welsh vineyards in withstanding the effects of the coronavirus pandemic by inviting wine connoisseurs from across the UK to indulge in Welsh wine through a series of virtual events.


‘Grape expectations’ for Welsh Wine Week 2022 to be held in June

But this year’s Welsh Wine Week schedule boasts a series of in-person events – including wine and cheese pairings and wine tastings – that encourages connoisseurs and non-experts to bask in the vineyard’s serene surroundings as they explore Wales’ wine sector.

On June 6, Gwinllan Conwy will partner with Bodnant Welsh Food to host a cheese-and-wine-tasting event.

While relaxing in Gwinllan Conwy’s three-acre working vineyard situated in a microclimate in North Wales, attendees will have the chance to taste Wales’ famous cheeses and Gwinllan Conwy’s wines.

Since 2012, its products have earnt the vineyard more than 15 national and international awards.

From June 4, Welsh Wine Week will give its audiences access to exclusive competitions and interviews with Welsh vineyards on the dedicated Welsh Wine Week website.

Welsh Wine Week is organised by the Welsh Drinks Cluster, funded by Welsh Government, which works in partnership with vineyards, retailers and wholesalers to promote the industry and its production of world class products.

Details of all vineyards hosting tasting events are on the official site: www.welshwineweek.co.uk.

Lauren Smith on behalf of the Welsh Drinks Cluster said: “Thanks to the collaboration between Welsh vineyards, the Drinks Cluster and Welsh Government, we’re thrilled to host Welsh Wine Week for the third year running.

“The engagement the event has received from consumers is remarkable and continues to grow each year.

“It is an incredibly exciting time for the Welsh vineyards sector and Welsh Wine Week is the perfect time to try something new.

“If you’re looking for wines of exceptional quality and wish to champion pioneering businesses in Wales, drink Welsh.”

Welsh Wine Week aims to bring more visibility to vineyards in Wales, guiding Welsh wine drinkers towards vineyards on their doorsteps and those from further afield to producers they might not be familiar with.

The long-term objective is to increase the number of people buying and enjoying the uniqueness of Welsh Wine.