WORKERS IN BANGOR are the most interested in coworking in the country as the new form of working emerges from its pandemic crash, according to research by Property Inspect.

Residents of Bangor search for coworking spaces 41.17 times per 10,000 people, making it the ninth most popular place for coworking, according to Google data.

The coworking sector has an estimated global value of $26bn and search interest has reached a new peak of 46,000 searches per month in the UK alone - more than double pre-pandemic levels.

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Remote workers have doubled since the pandemic but the growth of this sector suggests communal working isn’t over just yet.

In the UK, Exeter residents were the most interested in exploring coworking, with 107.84 searches per 10,000 people.

In their latest White Paper, Property Inspect identified coworking and flexible office space as one of 2022’s biggest commercial trends.

Commercial director Warrick Swift stated: “Communal working spaces are becoming more popular internationally and are an effective use of space for commercial real estate and other buildings like hotels to better serve the needs of their local communities.

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“The trend will continue through 2022, so companies have an opportunity to adapt and create spaces that provide space for workers to engage and integrate, granting more security for the business and more flexibility for guests and visitors.”