THERE are only a few days left for people to dedicate a light on Bangor Pier to remember, or thank, someone during the Christmas holidays.

In partnership with Bangor City Council, the North Wales NHS Charity ‘Awyr Las’ is organizing a spectacular light display on the pier, which will be lit at a special event on Friday, December 10.

There are 2,000 lights on the popular landmark, and 'Light Up Christmas' promises to be a moving, memorable highlight in this year's Christmas calendar.

Each light represents a tribute to a special person, made in memory, or to give thanks.

Among those who have contributed lights this year is Deian Williams and his family, from Llanfairpwll on Anglesey. They want to remember two members of the family.

Deian wants to remember two members of his family, saying: "We lost my brother, Huw, suddenly in September, about 10 days after diagnosis.

"We lost our mother four years ago, too, so we wanted to do something to remember them both.

“We saw something advertised last year and felt that dedicating a light to remember it was a nice thing to do. So, this year, we want to remember both.”

Each tribute presented is part of a digital gallery of tributes that will be displayed at the pier on December 10, before visiting other hospitals across the north.

Deian added: "Giving a light and giving tribute is a way to help us remember them both in a fun, colourful way, and of course, we also have the pleasure of giving to charity.

"Last year, when the lights were switched on, we went for a walk on the pier and noticed how lovely it was. So we'll go on Friday night to watch the lights being switched on for the first time.”

If you would like to donate a light, visit:

Lights and tributes can be donated up to Christmas Day. If you would like your tribute to be part of the digital gallery, applications must be received before December 9.