NAUGHTY Boy and Arlene Phillips threatened to leave I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! in last night's episode.

In the latest head-to-head challenge, Main Camp’s Frankie Bridge and Kadeena Cox took on The Clink’s Naughty Boy and David Ginola.

Arriving at the challenge, Frankie read the scroll: “Celebrities, welcome to Don’t Waste It, another chance for one pair to win a treat for camp. In front of each of you is a tank full of liquid with a plate of biscuits secured above it. On the sound of the klaxon the tank will start to drain and the level of the liquid waste will start to fall. However, one of you will be locked in the cage underneath and must use the bucket to catch as much water as you can. Your partner must then take the bucket up the stairs and replenish the tank.

"The aim of the game is to keep the level of the liquid above the line.

"The first pair to allow their waste to touch the line will lose and their biscuits will be destroyed."

Despite trying their best, Frankie and Kadeena won digestive biscuits.

A deflated Naughty Boy was disappointed when he was picked by Snoochie Shy for the latest trial - Treacherous Traps. Snoochie was voted for by the public.

Arriving at the Trial, Naughty Boy was asked why he thought Main Camp had voted for him.

Naughty Boy said: “Because they love me."

Snoochie replied: “The love is so real.”

Naughty Boy added: “Maybe they think I’m the weakest.”

Whilst Snoochie answered: “No!"

Snoochie won the Trial and a disappointed Naughty Boy returned to The Clink.

In The Clink Arlene was feeling fed up.

Danny Miller in the Telegraph said of Arlene: “I think she’s really upset with the other campers for picking Naughty Boy. I think if you were going to go for a weak link you’d go for Arlene. You’ve got a couple of angry campers in here.”

Naughty Boy said he thought his time in the show 'was done'.

Richard begged Naughty Boy to 'sleep on it'.

But Arlene commented that she felt the same as Naughty Boy.

[It was revealed at the end that both celebrities had joined main camp and were still in the show].


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! won at the prestigious RTS Craft and Design Awards overnight.

Scooping The Special Award for the year, it was noted by judges how the production team had overcome the momentous challenge of moving the ITV juggernaut to Wales, while growing its already mammoth audience.

They said: “Without the relentless determination of its crew and its editorial teams, I’m A Celeb would not have happened in 2020. But because of their dedication and with Ant and Dec at the helm, they were able to bring us the much loved show with its humour and joy, when we needed escapism the most.”

To find out more tune into I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! tonight on ITV.